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      Calman On Love And Relationships
      Drawn Out And Painted Pink
      Paranoids - Ralph Steadman
      The Trouble With Women
      Shall We Join The Men? - Oliver Preston
      Churchill In Caricature - Timothy S. Benson
      The Best Of Punch Cartoons
      I Leonardo - Ralph Steadman
      In Search Of The Better Ole - Tony And Valmai Holt
      Out Of Town
      Hitting The Slopes - Oliver Preston
      We Go Out
      Corbyn: The Resurrection - Steve Bell
      Sherriffs At The Cinema - Simon Bond/Nicholas Bramley
      Supermac - Vicky
      Dont Lose It Again: The Life And Wartime Cartoons Of Phillip Zec - Donald Zec
      Lordly Cartoons
      Dr Feggs Encyclopedia Of All World Knowledge
      Donald McGill Postcard Artist
      Another Log On The Fire
      Best Of Alex 2010 - Charles Peattie & Russell Taylor
      Figures Of Speech - John Jensen
      Pen Of Damascus Steel - Ali Farzat
      Butterworth:The Political Cartoons Of George Butterworth - Timothy S. Benson
      Fondue And Furs
      Rogues Gallery - Dave Brown
      We Learn At Home
      .. The Graphic Novel
      David Low Censored
      Larry At War - Terence Parkes
      The Coalition Book - Martin Rowson
      Thelwell: Play It As It Lies
      Rogues Gallery: More Misused Masterpieces
      Dog Poo On The Pram Wheels
      Larder Limericks - Oliver Preston
      The Best Of Punch Cartoons In Colour
      Black History In Its Own Words
      Thelwell Up The Garden Path
      Thelwell: Compleat Tanggler
      The Inking Woman Exhibition Booklet
      Steadman @77 Exhibition Catalogue
      A Taste Of Honeysett Catalogue
      Giles - A Celebration Of 50 Years Work For The Express - Giles
      Maggie Maggie Maggie
      A Peep Into Clubland - Catalogue
      Mars In Their Eyes
      H M Bateman: The Man That Went Mad On Paper. Exhibtion Catalogue
      A View Of Dightons - David Padbury
      The Art Of Leaving Out - Phil May
      Heath Robinsons Helpful Solutions - Simon Heneage
      Graphic Novels
      Sensible Footwear: A Girls Guide
      Small Press/ Alternitive/ Zines
      Beano Bits
      Beano 80s Mug And Annual Set
      Beano 90s Mug And Annual Set
      Beano 60s Mug And Annual Set
      Beano 70s Mug And Annual Set
      Beano Husk Travel Mug
      Beano Dennis Shaped Mug
      Beano Gnasher Shaped Mug
      Dennis And Gnasher Glass
      Bowie Prints
      Bowie Print - Grant Perkins
      Bowie Print - Philip Bond
      Bowie Print - Rian Hughes
      Bowie Print - Ken Hopgood
      Bowie Print - Oona
      Bowie Print - Alfie Gallagher
      Bowie Print - Pearl Bates
      Bowie Print - Chris Geary
      Bowie Print - Anna Dowsland
      Bowie Print - Rob Moran
      Bowie Print - David Elliott
      Bowie Print - Edna Lopes
      Bowie Print - Uci Galuh Kesumanjati
      Bowie Print - James Harvey
      Bowie Print - Xurxo G Penalta
      Bowie Print - Jonathan Edwards
      Bowie Print - Jessica Martin
      Bowie Print - Jessica S Kemp
      Bowie Print - Laura Streit
      Bowie Print - Jim Stewart
      Bowie Print - John Riodan
      Bowie Print - Mal Earl
      Bowie Print - Richard Johnston
      Bowie Print - O Sama
      Bowie Print - Stuart Tipples
      CM Merch
        CM Keyring Logo
        CM Magnet Neon
        CM Magnet Logo
        CM Chalk Mug
        CM Travel Card Wallet
        CM Eraser
        CM Pen Blue
        CM Pen White
        CM Pencil Red
        CM Pencil Black
        CM Pencil White
        CM Pencil Blue
        CM Pencil Yellow
        CM Sketchbook A5 White
        CM Sketchbook A6 Blue
        CM Sketchbook A5 Blue
        CM Sketchbook A5 Red
        CM Sketchbook A5 Yellow
        CM Sketchbook A6 White
        CM Sketchbook A6 Red
        CM Sketchbook A6 Yellow
        CM Sketchbook A5 Black
        CM Sketchbook A6 Black
        CM Tote Bag Blue
        CM Tote Bag Black
        CM Tote Bag Green
        CM Tote Bag Pink
        CM Tote Bag Red
        CM Totes Limited Edtion Bag
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    Museum Events
      Adult Workshop
      AMC Life Drawing
      Childrens Workshops
        Summer Workshop
          Manga Masterclass Tues 6th Aug 10-15yrs
          Design A Beano Cover Thurs 29th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Manga Masterclass Weds 14th Aug 10-15yrs
          Animal Antics Tues 13th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Design A Beano Cover Thurs 8th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Manga for Beginners Weds 21st Aug 8-12yrs am
          Animal Antics Tues 27th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Dynamic Heroes & Heroines Thurs 1st Aug 10-15yrs am
          Masterclass: Who are YOU? Fri 9th Aug 10-15yrs
          Car-Toons Weds 28th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Dynamic Heroes & Heroines Thurs 22nd Aug 10-15yrs am
          Modern Myths & Magic Fri 30th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Chibis! Thurs 1st Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Fantastic Beasties Tues 20th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Sci-Fi & Superheroes Masterclass Weds 7th Aug 10-15yrs
          Chibis! Weds 21st Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Humorous Heroes Tues 13th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          So You Want To Be A...? Thurs 15th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Humorous Heroes Tues 20th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          So You Want To Be A...? Weds 28th Aug 8-12yrs am
          Japanese Cat Food Comics Thurs 8th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Tomorrows World Thurs 22nd Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Cosmic Comics Fri 30th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Make a Mini-Comic Tues 27th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Create a Comic-Strip Thurs 15th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Manga Kawaii Thurs 29th Aug 8-12yrs pm
          Clayfaces Animation Fri 23rd Aug 8-12yrs
          Clayfaces Animation Fri 2nd Aug 8-12yrs
          Cut-Out Superhero Animation Fri 16th Aug 8-12yrs
          Design A Beano Cover Thurs 25th July 8-12yrs am
          Make A Mini Comic Tues 23rd July 8-12yrs am
          Manga Kawaii Weds 31st July 8-12yrs am
          Modern Myths And Magic Weds 31st July 8-12yrs pm
          Sci-fi And Superheroes Masterclass Weds 24th July 10-15yrs
          Sound Effects Tues 30th July 8-12yrs
          Zoom! Thurs 25th July 8-12yrs pm
          Zoom! Tues 23rd July 8-12yrs pm
          Cut-out Superheroes Animation Fri 26th July 8-12yrs
      Day Time Events
      General Museum Donations
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      Donation 100
      Donation 2
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      Donation 50
      Museum Move Sponsorship
      Sponsorship 250: Cartoon Stairwell
      Sponsorship 50: Picture On Display
      Sponsorship 250: Storage Lockers
      Sponsorship 5000: Cartoon Museum Neon Sign
      Sponsorship 1000: Film Interviews With Artists
      Sponsorship 5000: Kitchen/Event Equipment
      Sponsorship 1000: Learning Tables
      Sponsorship 5000: Office Equipment
      Sponsorship 2500: Animal/Human Feet Shop Pods
      Sponsorship 5000: Moveable Exhibition Walls
      Sponsorship 2500: Cartooning Activity Area
      Sponsorship 10000: Hello Welcome Desk
      Sponsorship 5000: Cartoon History Frieze
      Sponsorship 10000: Enterance Wham Smash
      Sponsorship 10000: Environmentally Controlled Case
      Sponsorship 10000: Publically Visible Storage
      Sponsorship 50: Learning Materials

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